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Take a look at the two strongholds: the set-top boxes and the servers.
Meanwhile do not hesitate to contact us for further details.
 set-top devices
A low-cost, incredibly small Ethernet Set Top Box for use in networked environments to accelerate the deployment of IPTV and video on demand services. With an Ethernet input and video and audio output only, the STB provides an elegant and powerful means of delivering sophisticated interactive digital television including multicast and on demand video along with Internet access. getPDF
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Continuing the successful and state of the art 100 series, AmiNET110 gives additional features like S-VHS out for higher picture quality, S/P-DIF out for sound pleasure with compatible home-cinema receivers, RF antenna output and USB inerface to support such functionality as game controllers. getPDF
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High definition video offers an exciting and dramatic viewing experience, with greater realism and detail - especially in large display formats. If network bandwidth permits, high definition services can exploit the ability of the AmiNET120 to support HD compatible displays at 720p and 1080i resolution. That is why Aminocom developed the AmiNET120, which is capable of driving High Definition (HD) displays. getPDF
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IBC 2005 Pick Hit !!!
The AmiNET124 introduces high performance advanced video decoding MPEG-4 part 10/H.264 capability. This provides Service Providers with a path to deliver high quality services to the consumer, while conserving network bandwidth. What is more the use of low bit-rate codecs offers service providers the ability to reach greater numbers of subscribers, and offer more simultaneous streams, through their existing ADSL infrastructure. getPDF
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VoD Streamer
Toucan VOD streamer. Designed to record and stream a very high number of simultaneous streams. getPDF
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Flamingo Streamers. Designed to retransmit TV and radio channels from DVB sources to IP networks. getPDF
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The heart of the media cluster
Apalis Manager. It handles all the transactions required for a full video over IP solution and enables all the advanced features required for the telco market. getPDF
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